Behind Sticky Ink

Kina and Sarah

Kina and Sarah have long since been teaming up at art conventions selling their artwork. They have experience creating both digital and traditional illustrations and graphics. Of all of the items they created, they discovered that they derived the most joy from creating stickers, which also happen to do the best in sales. 

They reminisced about the days they spent as children collecting all kinds of stickers and  putting them into books and trading them with friends. 

Sticky Ink was an idea that came up when they decided that they wanted to team up to create a service which you could sign up for to get a surprise in the mailbox every month. 

They both share a huge passion for stationery. They have collected and created stickers for years and are very, VERY picky about quality. They are excited to be sharing their passion for amazing artwork and of course, awesome stickers! 

Sticky Ink is a Canadian company based in the nation's capital. They can be found at various conventions such as Ottawa Comiccon, Montreal Otakuthon, and other local shows and conventions. 

Both Kina and Sarah have their artwork (sticker and non sticker related) online and can be found online.
Kina and Sarah at Ottawa ComicCon